5 Oils Tips for Back To School

So, it’s back to school day today in WA! I am a week behind for over east. But hey, I am still on WA time! As you probably know, I am a mum four angels who I homeschool (some of these things still apply to us though). But before we hit the road we were not homeschoolers, so I totally get it! So let’s talk about one of my passions, how we can use dōTERRA essential oils in 5 ways to support our kids. when heading back to school.


  1. Support their immune systems: We all know how many bugs fly around the school yard, and lets face it, kids are not the most careful with their hygiene. Start your year off on the right foot and support their immunes with this powerhouse blend- OnGuard, which contains clove (by far the highest source of Antioxidants available on the entire EARTH!!) plus Cinnamon and Wild Orange which are also way up there on the antioxidant scale (and a couple of others). Apply safely diluted OnGuard to your child’s spine and feet in the morning before they get dressed, and you are good to go. Note: this can be a hot oil so never use undiluted on their precious skin, dilute to age appropriate levels ( I use the dilution chart I pinned here) and when not in use keep out of reach of kids. I know when we are faithful using this oil daily, we rarely catch what is going around.



2. Help focus their minds: Kids have so much going on at school. It’s not simply about lessons, and classrooms are busier than ever and full of distractions. Keep their mind on the task with some essential oils. When my kids were at school, I would make them their own little diluted roller balls to take so they could apply them when they felt they needed them. The roller balls were tiny (not so bad if one goes missing), I diluted them to the age appropriate level, and made sure the child was old enough to confidently apply it when needed. Some blends you might like to try are: InTune; the focus blend, a blend you make yourself with citrus and peppermint, or one already made like Motivate. These oils have measurable effects on our brain when inhaled, so teach your kids to apply them on their hands and take a few breaths. Applying to the temples and back of the neck also work wonders, but only with kids you are sure are old enough not to get them in their eyes (if they are applying their own).



3. Support a calm mood: It can be tough for kids when they leave parents and the safety of home for school. In fact I think parents may need  more support than the kids do, especially when you send your little ones for the first time. There are so many things that can be hard on your and their emotions, and fitting in at school can be tough. You can use essential oils to support your kids mood, and therefore enhance their learning. doTERRA have such a wonderful range of emotional oils. Balance, Cheer, Motivate, Console, Peace, Lavender Peace, even Forgive if your child feels they have been wronged, or Passion if they are feeling apathetic about their school work and can’t be bothered. I believe the Emotional Aromatherapy Kit should be in every home. You can proactively change the chemistry of the body, while your heart plays catch up with your mind. Wild Orange (and all citrus) alone are very uplifting (just dilute appropriately when using topically to avoid sun sensitivity).


4. Protect against head lice. This is such a simple idea, but one that will save you hours of time! Have your kids ever had head lice? How long do they take to get rid of? it must be one of the grossest, time consuming jobs in the world! Our kids brought home the little critters several times before I became interested in essential oils. Once I discovered doTERRA, I made my magic “koala spray” and we have never had an issue since! So Koala spray is simply a stainless steel or glass spray bottle, filled with water and a few drops of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree (melaleuca) oil. Please do not use the stuff from the supermarket that is marked with all kinds of warnings! I am a stickler for quality and doTERRA is top grade. Not only pure, but also potent. I wouldn’t use anything else near my kids or myself. So, I have 3 girls with long hair and `1 boy who isn’t school age yet. I would spray all of their hair liberally before tying the girls hair up. They smelt wonderful, and from that day on the nasty little critters stayed away.

5. My last tip is…. nurture yourself! Your kids are at school, so before you start running around like a madwoman trying to get everything done before they come home, try looking after yourself and checking in with your mental state, your breathing and your emotion. You can watch a video I made on ways you can nurture yourself below. Why not make it a resolution, to make your health and wellbeing a priority this year?

So those are my tips! I hope you find them helpful. If you would like to get started with doTERRA and aren’t working with someone else already, I would love to help you get started. Click  here to request a sample from me. Try before you buy, and smell the quality for yourself. If you’d like to go ahead and order, you can go here and follow the instructions in the bio.

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