2 Years on the Road Feels Like…. Freedom.

We have been on the road for 2 years now…. 2 incredible years! Can you believe it? I know some of you have followed us from the beginning and for that I thank you! For those who are more recent followers, welcome! When I think back, I remember so many sights and places! I have been thinking back on our journey a lot, and it has had a lot of surprises along the way. Honestly our life now looks nothing like I thought it would when we first hit the road.

I thought Karl’s trade business would be the main income for us. It isn’t. I thought we would be having outdoor stalls at lots of different shows, promoting our trade business. We aren’t. I thought our journey would be done and we would be re-settling by this time. We aren’t, and we don’t want to.  It seems this anti-travelling woman is reformed and loves her new life!

I think it was all of the unknowns that really and truly scared me before we left, and so I filled my head with ideas of what our life would look like, to keep me feeling safe in my mind. But I have learned to let go, and let God guide us in the plans He has for us which are so much greater than our own plans. And He has met and exceeded our needs, time and time again!

I think if I had a list of all the things that were going to go wrong ahead of time, there is NO WAY I would have agreed to this trip! Notable moments were when we blew a tyre bearing just before Sandstone (code for the middle of nowhere) in the Central North of WA and had to drive in to Geraldton (600km away) with one wheel hitched up and going 50km an hour. Or when we decided to pull over and have a little rest near Ravensthorpe in WA, and saw a wheel had come right off of our 6 tonne trailer. I mean right off, it was gone. Or when the humidity in Darwin ruined our flooring and turned the upper level of our bus in to a mould pit. Good times, good times. Or when Karl injured himself badly when getting the car out of the trailer, had a flesh injury right down to the bone and needed stitched up in Mt Isa.

The absolute cracker was when we were descending in to Brisbane, through the hinterlands and our engine brakes decided to misbehave. We had to use the regular brakes, which lost air and ended up locking up completely on a steep zig zag bend, where cars had no time to see us around the bend to avoid us, and we felt incredibly vulnerable. Boy, was I praying hard. We had to wait until our brakes cooled and the air built up again, so we could make it down safely.

As for finances, we have had times of extreme scarcity and are now entering a time of abundance. We have more savings now than when we left, and are debt free!  Incredible feeling…. but the first 8 months or so were extremely tight and I was worried much of the time. But lessons were learnt about spending and minimilism which I will keep with me forever.

Highlights as far as destination for me personally were Denham, Coral Bay and Broome. I miss those long days and lots of beach time. We have met some incredible friends along the way, and thanks to FB we are still in touch. I have also met so so many friends through my business with dōTERRA, and while we were lonely on the road there for a bit, we have connected with so many like minded people!

So life now is all about us loving God, loving each other and serving. We are able to come and go as we please, serving my essential oils team which is located all around Australia. Sometimes we fly and leave Betty behind, sometimes we drive. We are heading to the USA for 5 weeks in September, and that is a dream focus to be able to achieve that. Life feels…. good. Really really good. Freedom abounds. I can’t wait to see what happens over the next year! One thing is for sure, we will keep you posted. 😉


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