But Beck…How do you run your online business on the road?

online business on the road...

I get a lot of messages asking me how do I do it? Homeschool 3 kids, look after a fourth pre-schooler and build a successful full time dōTERRA Diamond business, all while not having a permanent home? So I thought it’s time for a blog about it! Most of this stuff will apply to anyone with a Network Marketing business on the road.

I started my business (at the time I didn’t see it as that, it was just sharing what I loved) before we hit the road, by running 2 classes. That was all! Both at home, both with similar/the same people, both intro classes. Many of those people enrolled immediately, and some reached out down the track. Some of them became my leaders. Incredible when I look back, the seeds I didn’t realise I was planting in those early days!

I had about 100 people in my team when we hit the road travelling, and only about 20 of those were introduced by me. People couldn’t keep the news of these oils to themselves, and so they started sharing too. I “played” with dōTERRA for the first year on the road, and then in about June 2016 decided to go hard or go home. I started to treat my business like a business, and my team grew by 5 times in 12 months. Pretty impressive statistics!

Now, the funds are abundant and the business looks very different to how it started when we first hit the road. Sometimes, I travel away from the bus and leave the family  to attend conferences, important events and to launch new builders. Sometimes we park the bus and the family come along with me. The times I travel alone, I fly back in to the nearest town and rejoin my beautiful family, and we continue on our merry way together.

When I am travelling on the road, I tend to have team members wherever I go, so I run in person training and workshops/classes for them. It hasn’t always looked like this, and this idea may seem very foreign to you as it was to me a year ago. But this is the freedom and flexibility a dōTERRA business gives. And it is possible for anyone who sets their heart on it, works through their challenges faithfully and never gives up.

The most commonly asked questions I get are:

If I want to start my dōTERRA business and I am travelling, how do I do that?

First of all if you have a wholesale account, or have already been introduced to the oils by somebody who is investing time in you, reach out to them. If you aren’t sure who you are enrolled under or who your leaders are, that is easy to find under your back office log in (go the the “team tab”, on the left you will see “Upline Listing” with all the conatact details you need to reach out).

If you haven’t started with dōTERRA yet, aren’t being served by anyone else, and you feel that I would be a good fit for you, you can find out more info about getting started in my team here.


How do you receive your packages while on the road?

This is an easy one! Just address them to your name, c/o the local post office. EG:

Rebekah Barlow

c/o Coolalinga Post Office

452 Stuart Highway,

Coolalinga NT 0839

Register for My Post and you will get a text when your package arrives! Easy! Just make sure you get them sent ahead of you and allow enough time, or sometimes you can be stuck somewhere you don’t want to be while waiting for the post.

How many hours will this business take?

Well, how long is a piece of string?  The beauty of a flexible business is that you decide how many hours you spend on it, and proportionately how quickly you advance. I spend 40+ hours a week on mine, but we still take regular breaks and get to see the sights, have coffee together and just hang out. And I am still working hard at advancing and growing my business.

That’s the beauty of being on the road. I am able to work the hours I do, because I have replaced our family combined income. So Karl takes a lot of the load with the “bus work” (cleaning, washing, laundry etc) and he takes on most of the kids schooling. Before we got to this stage, I probably worked 30 hours a week and helped more with the schooling etc.

I can only answer this with how it looks for my family. Yours could and probably will be different. And you can have it look how you want it to look.

Some tools I use to build my business on the road are:

  • A Travelling FB page incorporating oils (Big Betty and the Barlows)
  • An Instagram page (Again, Big Betty and the Barlows). You might be more of a fan of another social media platform, like Pinterest or Twitter. Use what you excel at and enjoy.
  • An open FB group where I really enjoy creating a joyful, positive space and inspire others to set their minds on the good things we have.
  • An Exclusive Oils FB page
  • Private VIP support groups for my team where I can run team events, raffles and challenges for prizes and free education
  • Using a Customer Relationship Manager program like LeadTrain for all of my follow up.
  • I love my MacBook Air, but I think at a minimum a great laptop and mobile internet are a must. When you are in bigger towns, you can tap in to free library and McDonalds WiFi. Libraries can be used for printing needs, or if you have the room you can invest in a small printer.

Some things I do to reach new people are:

  • Making my page interesting, and not about only oils. Posting about us, our family life, quirky, funny and difficult moments, being clear, transparent and genuinely YOU! And adding in oils to that in a genuine way. It’s NOT about sales, it’s about health solutions and offering hope.
  • Offering samples to those who need some health support, and following up
  • Running online events/webinars and inviting those who are interested
  • Running workshops in the town we are in and advertising or boosting the FB event

And for my large team I:

  • Run online training sessions ( it really doesn’t matter where you are located, eventually your team will grow all over Australia and overseas, so eventually you will be supporting them online anyway)
  • Travel away from the family to serve my new builders (this may sound way off for you. It did for me only a year ago, but a big part of being a Diamond is supporting your team by showing up).
  • Have special team only websites where both customers and builders can find everything they need to know in the one place.


I hope this answers most of your questions, and if you have some more feel free to comment below and I will make “Part II” to this blog. 🙂

Beck xx




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