USA gave me…..perspective.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was half way around the world. It seemed surreal to me, sitting in my hotel room. I had no hiccups with flights and airports, and I should have been over the moon. From travelling Australia to travelling the world, my life on paper sounded amazing! But I felt, a little alone. Like I had left part of my heart behind. I was in Salt Lake City for the annual global dōTERRA Convention- I needed to be there to take the amazing information back to my team.

I was also going “on-stage” and walking the carpet to be recognised for my team’s effort in reaching Diamond. This is a pretty big deal and as a doTERRA entrepreneur, it is something I dreamt about. After convention, I headed to Vancouver to take a cruise ship to Alaska with 100 other leaders for the Diamond Mastermind. It was the opportunity of a lifetime! I met some amazing people all along my travels, and saw some incredible sights. But it all felt a little like faux jewellery. It looked pretty, but somehow I knew it wasn’t quite the real thing.


Without my people, my family, I felt like a massive piece of the puzzle was missing. It was a little too soon into our new level of  income for them to come along- having 4 kids can be really expensive. And we didn’t want them to be left alone, with both Karl and I gone. So I went alone, and Karl stayed to look after the kids.

I think if I would have gone alone on this trip 3 years ago, I would have not noticed their absence quite as much. I was used to not being around my kids and Karl all the time. I was used to having breaks from them during the day. Our life is so different to how it was back then. don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t heartless or anything back then, and I’m certainly not clingy now. But I do feel I know my kids and Karl better, and I really enjoy being around them and having them nearby. These feelings honestly surprised me a little! I thought I would be able to switch off and 100% enjoy the moment, knowing it was only for a short time.

On the flip side of the coin, the time away certainly gave me some fresh perspective on my business- the silence and expanse of Alaska allowed me to reassess and check in. I spent more time reading my bible and in prayer, and felt a deep moving in my heart to serve others more deeply, both in my business and in my every day life. I am still grateful I went! Is that completely contradictory? Probably!

Ever so slowly, having my family around all day has become my joy and my security. And without them there, it just didn’t feel like fun. I look back and know I wasn’t quite myself while in the USA, although I am sure I smiled and laughed. I wasn’t sobbing in a corner, but it felt like everything was missing some salt, like the zest had gone out of things.

And it brings me back to a place of gratitude- we are so incredibly blessed. Blessed to spend time together. Blessed to have the freedom to work from anywhere. Blessed to school our kids in the morning and have fun hanging out in the afternoon. Blessed that Karl decided to turn our life on it’s head, take a leap and say yes to the great calling of this land. Blessed that we are now soaking in these moments, and not taking them for granted.

I got home and it was a big breath of relief- I have spent the last couple of weeks processing my trip, and I still feel like I am spinning a little. So while it was Amazing and I can now focus on all the amazing skills, connections and knowledge I picked up while there, I have decided, never again. If I go on any more extended trips, they are coming with me. If that means we need to be more abundant in our business, or it means we spend less in other areas of our life, so be it. I love my people! My tribe makes me tick! They are what make each moment better, and they add so much colour to my day. I am excited that we can live out our future together! So God willing, we are hoping for another trip to the USA in March, this time with all of us. Bring. It. On.

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