And then there were 4…

First day of homeschooling 4 kids today. We nearly died. True story.

Since we hit the road almost 3 years ago, we have tried quite a few different schooling options for the kids. First it was totally free-styling it- we were on quite the budget too. So we found books in op shops (readers Digest were the BEST) and tried sticking to a Charlotte Mason type philosophy. And we had SO MANY learning moments on the road, and we have never been able to stop the girls from reading. I look back at it and see us skipping through a field of roses, in the sunshine. Ok, that may not have really happened.

So fast forward about a year, and my business was in full swing. I was flying away from the bus and family a fair percentage of the time, and we decided we needed a bit more structure from our homeschooling. Karl was going to need to step in and take some or all of the load. So we signed up for distant education from Riverside Christian College, located in Maryborough, Queensland. It seemed to be the easiest option. No more lesson planning. Easy, direct instructions for the work to be done each day. When our first term of school stuff came, it was pretty exciting. A perfectly assembled box of goodies for each kid, including sunflower seeds for Livvy’s gardening project! We literally didn’t have to buy a thing. It was easy. Only not.

As soon as we got into it, we realised it was a LOT more structured than we were used to.  There were deadlines and assessments to get in, and we weren’t doing so great at keeping our finger on the pulse of all 3 girls and where they were at, while Will ran amok somewhere in between. Sometimes we would trust the girls had done the work properly, but it turned out they had just ticked the box (cough cough, not OUR kids surely??).  So when it came time to send in the assessments…there was nothing to send. Rush rush, we got it done and uploaded.

By the end of the year, after lots of practice and Karl pulling his hair out (often I would be working from my laptop while the girls were schooling) we seemed to have a rhythm. Kinda sounded like drums played by monkeys, but hey. It was a rhythm.  And then, in 2018 term 1, it happened.

William turned school age. The year of turning 5. *insert dramatic music*. We aren’t sure yet, but it may be the straw that breaks Karl the Camel’s back. The poor guy. He was back and forth, bouncing from child to child. The next kid needing him before the last was done. There were tears, tantrums, and that was just from Karl!! Ha ha. Love you honey. 😉

So, we are hoping that things will balance out. We will persevere. We will hope our kids find their beat. We hope we won’t kill them. Whose idea was it to have 4 kids and go travelling anyway? Will we make it through this saga? Who knows! Watch this space.

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