3 Years with Betty as our home…

Can you believe it? I know I can’t. Facebook was so kind as to remind me that today is 3 years since we let Esperance on our maiden voyage in Betty. I remember our first night away from “home” ( in our new home with wheels) so clearly. We stayed at Bromus dam, on the way to Norseman in Western Australia. We were so incredibly excited. Everything was shiny, new, perfectly organised. It felt fake, it was so perfect. And our first night under the stars felt like….. freedom.

Our first night on our journey, Bromus Dam (near Norseman, Western Australia)

It hard been a very busy 18 months leading up to cutting our ties and floating free. Karl had packed up 2 very messy trade business and the house pretty much on his own. He and his Dad, along with all the trades people we needed to finish Betty were working to get her done. I was still working my Thermomix business and managing all of the usual “mum of 4” activities right up until we left.

Part of us was really nervous to leave. We were leaving our business (manufacturing seat covers) which was still running in Esperance under the care of our staff members. And we weren’t sure how we go financially. We weren’t sure how much work Karl would find while on the road. There were certainly boxes that were left unticked before we went, but we figured that God would provide the answers on the road. And He did. But certainly not in the way we expected.

It wasn’t long that we were on the road before Karl “crashed”. He was so fatigued from his years of running himself ragged in business, and fitting out the bus while also packing up our lives into a small storage shed. I thought he might crash for a few weeks, but he crashed for 8 months. And it was the hardest 8 months of my life, waiting and wondering if he would come back from the extreme level of burn and fatigue which left him drained and empty.

Our maiden voyage! The kids look so little!


But, in all of that mess and uncertainty we really got to know our kids on a whole new level. We were together 24/7. We got to slow and notice- really notice- things. Bugs travelling across red hot sand. Sea Creatures lazily making circles in the shallow warm waters. Colours changing second by second as the sun rose and set. I clearly remember one cold morning where the older 2 girls and I watched the sun rise and shine through the dew on the windows, out near Meekatharra somewhere, on Anzac Day 2015. I remark seeing our breathe as fog even inside the bus, and the steam rising from my hot cup of coffee. I don’t have many detailed memories like that when I was in a house. Life seemed to drown them out.



That sunrise, somewhere in the outback of Western Australia



And who would have known that our humble beginnings, travelling the country of Australia, would lead to international travel? We have come so far! Having just returned from a huge 5 weeks USA and Canada trip, it’s safe to say our hunger to see more has started to grumble. Spoiler alert, we have some very big news coming. We may not be in Australia for much longer. We have found our air legs. Watch this space. 😉





The kids and Karl soaking up Mataranka. Mummy behind the camera, as usual. 😉

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