Don’t know what to get Mum this Mother’s Day?

You are at a loss. No idea. Drawing blanks. Please don’t go down the road of yet another foot spa, dressing gown, socks, a mug. If you are looking for something to show mum you love her, I’ve got just the thing.

As a mum of four, I dream about what I would like to receive on Mother’s day. I don’t know of any better gift than time, acts of love and service, words of affirmation and (of course) essential oils! I love my oils while travelling on the road, but they are amazing in any setting.

Give your Mum the gift that she can use to practice self care with for months and years to come. These oils will support her physically and emotionally, and when she gets started with a wholesale account she gets the same prices I do, plus full support and education from me to help her use these oils confidently and with ease.

Here are just a few options that could help start mum on a path of pure bliss! There is something for every budget (wayyyy more options than I have pictured here). Just let me know your budget, and I can make some suggestions! We also have a divine face care and spa ranges, with no nasties, full of nourishing essential oils for her skin and wellbeing.

If you are ready to get started, head here:

Or if you or Mum are already working with another advocate, reach out to them for help.

It’s just $35 for a wholesale account, which gives you wholesale prices (25% off) for a whole year. Or, the $35 account fee is FREE with an enrolment kit.

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