Here it is. It’s official. We are crazy.

So, if you follow us on FB or IG, we have kept you in suspense while you all guessed why on earth Betty would be so clean, tidy and….. empty! Well, this is super duper exciting for us! Drumroll…….

empty kitchen
hmmmm soooo empty…. mysterious.

So, it happened like this: We were in the USA/Canada just a month ago, and as I was sitting in the shower, I had a massive wave of inspiration “wash” over me. Ha ha. The shower is where all my good ideas happen. Hot tip right there. 😉 I called for Karl he came in with his “uh-oh what is she thinking now” face on, and sat patiently on the toilet with the seat down, when I dropped this mind bomb: I asked him what he thought about moving here (to Canada) for as long as we could on our ETA ( Aussie tourist pass). Without ANY hesitation, and I mean NONE he said ( in the most Aussie, laid back way possible) “yeah, alright!” We ran the idea past the kids, and they said “yes” with 0, and I mean ZERO hesitation as well!

So we started to investigate options. I kid you not, every single door flew open for us! No road blocks, totally meant to be. Accomodation, car options, all sorted. So, here is the low down:  we will be in Canada over the summer (mainly in Calgary but driving to many other places including Vancouver, Banff, Victoria, Jasper). Summertime mountain hiking. Trout and salmon fishing. A much needed break and some r & r after a very busy couple of years. We missed seeing so many things when we were there in March, due to the snow so this is super exciting! We are particularly excited about seeing Jasper and Lake Louise not as a frozen wasteland.

We will head back through the USA during our final month away, and look forward to seeing some much missed family and friends. Then we are flying out via New York City, and will spend a few days in Honk Kong on the way home. We will come back to Aus late November, 2018.

betty upstairs
Our Beautiful Big Betty, all spiffied up. In all 2 floors of her glory.

What an incredible opportunity!!! Living in Canada for the next 6 months. I (Beck) will also be studying online for the next 6 months to become a Beautiful You Life Coach. This is something I have wanted to do for ages, and fits in perfectly with what I already do- to help women in particular rise and realise their fullest potential.

And the hugest decision of all: We have decided to put Betty up for sale while we are away. Yes, that’s right! Get in line folks. We will have her stored in a sale yard in Perth, and we have already had a quite a few enquiries. Our beautiful bus, love project, home on wheels, made for 6. Our abode for the past 3 years, the beginning of this crazy travelling journey. We would ask that you please only enquire if you are genuine. We are asking for around 240k AUD, including the amazing transformable car trailer/workshop- she is fully decked out, and needs to go to a very special family.

As you can imagine things will be crazy right up until the time we leave. Which by the way is on May 30th, that’s right folks. In true Barlow style, we bought our tickets 28 days before we decided for SURE SURE to leave. Stink. So much to do.

So, what will we do after we get back? That all depends on what happens with Betty, but I can guarantee one thing, it won’t be boring. And our travelling will certainly not be over. It’ll just be…. upgraded. 😉




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