Mixed feelings…Betty for sale. Please share.

So, here it is! The time has come. The official time that our beautiful Big Betty, home from heaven on wheels, built for 6,  and extraordinary memory holder of over 3 years, is on the market!

I must admit, I feel rather emotional for the first time since we made the big decision! When we first moved into Betty, our 4 kids were 3 whole years younger. Our youngest was just 2, and now he is 5. Betty has been his home for over half of his life! Our income source has also completely flipped in that time, and we have had the time of our lives travelling to so many different places.

With God’s continual blessing, we have built a life of time and location FREEDOM. We are different people, and we will always have such fond memories of the crazy time we decided to leave our everyday life and buy a double decker bus. It was truly a pivotal moment in our lives. Sniff sniff. Fitting her out was super fun, and watching her progress from a stinky old coach into the beauty she is today was just brilliant.

But, we are open to embracing change. So,if you feel led, we would love it if you would please share our post. We really want our Betty to go to the right family. We know our travels are not done yet, who knows what God has in store for us. One thing is for sure, we love the gypsy life and settling isn’t all that appealing at this stage! So never fear, if you continue to follow we will have plenty more adventures to share, starting with Canada over the next 6 months or so.

Here is the link to our Gumtree ad. As you will be able to see, our Betty is a grand girl!


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