Hi and welcome to our crazy life!

It was 2013, and Mr Barlow had a dream:

To buy a bus for our family of 6, fit it out as our home, and travel the great land of Australia. I literally laughed, but the dream persisted and I began to believe it was possible. By the end of 2013 Karl had brought our new family member back home, from Adelaide. She was nothing more than a dirty, rather stinky coach.



Karl and his dad worked tirelessly to convert Betty from a double decker coach with grotty seats and smelly carpet, to the magnificent home on wheels we have today. In April of 2015, just 15 months after we brought Betty home, we were ready to hit the road, and we have been travelling ever since. Follow us as we discover and learn, relax and work our way around the country.

Our lives started to look something like this: I (Beck, the pretty half) homeschool 3 of our 4 children. Thankfully, the youngest doesn’t school yet. He just likes to jump in the middle of our learning and cause chaos.

I endeavour to change lives through my heart centred business, by helping those I meet on the road and online to kick health and wellness goals, and find natural solutions using nature’s precious gift of essential oils. I like to think I have a pretty good sense of humour ( it’s a necessity when you live on the road with this bunch of crazies), and I like to help people to see the lighter side of life.  In June 2017, I became a Diamond Leader with dōTERRA and I love to share life with my amazing and crazy oils team. You can follow my oily adventures here.

Karl is a hands on man and ran his own trade business from the road. We were able to completely transition and sell his business in August of 2017, and we became a proudly 100% dōTERRA supported family!

So sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy the CRAZY ride with Big Betty and the Barlows! We are so glad you have joined us…. mwah ha ha ha ha…..


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