As a mum of four kids living on the road, I understand what it can be like. Some days are uplifting, invigorating and heart touching- but there are also moments which are exhausting, frustrating and tiring.

Honestly, I am not going to say essential oils will solve every problem in your life…. but they can help support you and your family through it.

When I first got my oils, it was just for my taste buds! I love bliss balls and it didn’t make sense to me that it wouldn’t be ok to use an extract straight from the plant, instead of the synthetic rubbish from the shops. So I bought a small kit from dōTERRA, but then the box sat on my shelf for MONTHS.

It wasn’t until I was in absolute and utter digestive distress one night. Let me tell you, I was thanking God I had DigestZen when I pulled out my oils from behind my office and dusted them off. From that moment on,  I knew I needed to share these incredible gifts of nature with the world.



Whether you are looking for  glowing skin, natural cleaning options, oils to support and lift the mood, or absolutely gorgeous aromas and food flavourings,  I have a sample I can send you. I want you to experience the magic of these oils in your family.

Most people start with the main 10 oils we recommend in a kit. If you’d like a quick rundown of the top ten oils, watch the video below.

If you would like to go ahead and try a sample of essential oil to see what it does for you, click here.