Do you yearn for more? More time with your family, more time to give to those in need, more freedom, more time to slow, more income, more joy, more fulfilment, more opportunity to help those around you, more time to fill your heart?

It is possible.

It was 2016, and we had been on the road for a year. Things were a lot harder than we had envisaged. We loved the freedom and space we had carved out in our lives, but we were living on an extremely tight budget. Karl’s business was not really working out ( he was in a state of complete burn out), and we were struggling on $500AUD a week, with 4 homeschooled kids. Some weeks after we had payed our staff, we couldn’t pay ourselves at all.

I received a phone call that changed our life. My beautiful leader Helen called to inspire me to step out of my uncomfortable comfort zone, where I was playing small, and step into living as the CEO she saw in me. I had already started building a team by sharing the oils naturally, because of the great health benefits they offer. Like so many, I couldn’t stop talking about them. I just hadn’t really taken the leap to treat it like a business.

After that phone call, I was beyond inspired. I got in touch with my deep desires, and very quickly created a part time income. Karl jumped on board as he saw the potential, and the stories of lives changed we were receiving on a daily basis. From there, our team exploded. We were able to grow our online business- from getting our oils for free, to a multiple 6 figure income, in just over a year. And I simply LOVE what I do. I love to watch other women (and some awesome men) traverse the path, and rocket into their own success and freedom.  You can read more about our story, which was published in the dōTERRA Leadership Magazine, here (page 24).

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This is a business where YOU are the driver. You are in control. And you can make a difference. How does that sound?

It is completely up to you what level you choose to build a doTERRA business- you can cover the cost of your oils;

OR supplement, replace or (like in our case) greatly exceed your income…

When I started my business with dōTERRA, I didn’t know it at first, but I had started the business of my dreams. A business that was perfect for the travelling life we were already living! 

So I urge you to come on a little walk with me, and DREAM BIG!


You will be ready to:

  • Create a heart centred business, while working closely within a dynamic team;

  • Choose your own hours, work from any location, work with some of your best friends, improve your lifestyle;

  • Receive personal and in-depth business, self development and mindset coaching from me;

  • Inspire and provide hope for those searching for natural solutions that actually work, you WILL change lives;

  • Lead others to success;

  • And, put in the work to become the best version of yourself, to build a strong and vibrant income and future.

“Location is irrelevant, this opportunity is open world wide. I already have an amazing global team, and I love to travel.”

If this sounds like you, I would love to support you in building your heart centred business. First, you need to start by joining with a wholesale account. You can do that here.

Then, it’s time to get this show on the road! Book a mentoring session with me here.


I can’t wait to work with you.